What is Processor? and How Does Processor Work?

A typical processor found in market

In today’s era of technology, most people use computers, and before buying a computer, see its feature, and which processor is installed in it. But even today there are many people who do not know what a processor is, so for your information, let me tell you that a processor is the same type of chip, which is connected to the motherboard, the work you do in the computer. It is the work of the processor to complete it.

Whenever you input something into the computer, then the computer tells the processor that it should be ready for that work. What is a Processor: If you explain it in easy language, then it is a chip installed inside any computer or mobile. When you run an application on a computer or mobile, its functions are controlled by the processor itself.

Today I am going to tell you all the important information related to the processor through this post, in which you will know about What is Processor, how many types of processors are there (Type of Processors), and what is its function, about all these in detail. Will know

What is Processor?

A processor is a circuit board inside the computer, which is like a chip and is connected to the motherboard. The processor itself controls all the arithmetic, logical, input-output, and other operations of the computer. It processes the instructions given by the computer. It is also known as the CPU or brain of the computer.

If you run an application on the computer, then most of the functions that occur in it are controlled by your processor.

A processor is made up of four basic elements, which are as follows:

  • ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit)
  • FLU (Floating Point Unit)
  • Register
  • Cash Memory

In which ALU and FLU perform basic and advanced arithmetic and logical operations. The results are then sent to the register, which also stores the instructions. Cache memory stores a copy of the user data, which acts like RAM.

History of Processor

The processor was first invented by the Intel Company in the year 1971 by three Intel Engineers Federico Faggin, Ted Hoff, and Stan Mazo, a single-chip processor, the size of which was much larger than the currently available processor. Over time, new processors have been invented and Intel has provided processors with less size and more capacity keeping in mind the needs of the consumers.

How Processor Works

The processor works on four operations in the computer:

Fatch: In this, the processor receives instructions through RAM (Random Access Memory).

Decode: Converts the commands and instructions given by us into binary language because the computer understands only binary language, and then decodes those instructions or data one by one.

Execute: In this process, the computer executes all the decoded instructions, and all these instructions are sent to other parts of the processor for execution as well. After this, the CPU Register keeps all those edited instructions safe and finally displays them on the screen to the user.

If you explain in simple language, then whatever command you give on your computer or mobile, the processor executes them, the faster the processor of your computer, the faster will be Multitasking, Gaming, and Video Editing, the work of the processor is that. Whatever work you give, give it to your computer.

What is Core in Processor

The speed of the processor depends on the core itself. The Core itself shows the capability or efficiency of the computer. If the processor has a single core in the CPU, then it will be able to do one job well at a time and if the processor has more than one core in the CPU, then your system or computer can do more than one work at the same time, that too good speed. with. Nowadays, keeping in mind the demand of time and work, multiple core processors are used in the CPU so that the computer can do more than one work at the same time easily and with good speed.

Types of Processors

There are different types of processors in a computer:

  • Dual Core Processor (It has two cores)
  • Quad Core Processor (It has four cores)
  • Hexa Core Processor (It has six cores)
  • Octa Core Processor (It has eight cores)
  • Deca Core Processor (contains ten cores)

Intel and AMD processors are more prevalent in the market at present.


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