What is SMPS?

Know complete information about SMPS!

SMPS is used in many things such as computers, fridges, Microwaves Oven, Dvd Players, and Dth, etc., in simple language, SMPS is used in electronic things.

“SMPS Full Form – Switch Mode Power Supply”

All these electronic devices work on the voltage of 220 to 240, if we talk about the SMPS of the computer, then if the power supply of 240 voltage is given directly to the computer board, then it will burn and its board will get damaged.

To avoid all these troubles and losses, a system was designed so that after supplying 220 or 240 volts, it can be divided into different voltages and sent to different parts. We call it SMPS.

So you know the definition of SMPS, now we will know.

SMPS Block Diagram

You will easily understand what SMPS is through SMPS Block Diagram. That’s why we have told SMPS Block Diagram below for you.

Block Diagram of SMPS

Have you ever thought that why SMPS is necessary?

Why SMPS is important?

SMPS Power Supply is very important for all our Electronic Devices, the biggest advantage of SMPS is that SMPS easily fulfills the shortfall of low power, along with it it is not big like a transformer but it is small and light. Also, SMPS are less hot.

SMPS power supply is a system through which we supply power to our electronic devices. Through Switch Mode Power Supply, we can save your Electronic Devices from getting damaged and can provide security to them, so SMPS is a very important system for us.

SMPS price is different according to a different company. You will know the SMPS price according to its company.

Have you ever thought about how it works?


So let’s find out.

SMPS Working

Different SMPS work in different ways but we are telling you about a normal SMPS which converts Ac to Dc.

Functionality of SMPS

First of all, Alternate Current (Ac) comes to the SMPS through Power Cable which properly analyzes the components inside the SMPS like the Fuse and Pf Rectifier Current, and checks the voltage.

After that the current is sent to the Rectifier, and the Rectifier performs operations from 120 V. to 230 V. at a time. The rectifier produces a much higher amount of DC current than the AC current and this current is sent to the capacitor. All this current is in the form of small pulses, all these pulses have a lot of energy.

The Direct Current (Dc) is then checked by a regulation process and measured by a reference voltage. Which matches the power according to the design and safety requirements and to prevent any kind of disturbance and voltage failure, a controller is installed in it.

So this is how SMPS works and what are its functions, we know next.

How SMPS Works?

Friends, it is most important to know what does SMPS work? SMPS Voltage

SMPS Use In Computer: If we talk about the SMPS used in the computer, then that SMPS Voltage serves to transmit different Voltage to our Mother-board, such as giving different Voltages to Rem (Ram) Give different Voltage to Processor And to give a different voltage to the fan used inside the computer.

If we talk in the language of electronics, then the Karya Power (Voltage) of SMPS has to be divided, if we give Ac (Alternative Current) Voltage in the input, converting it into SMPS Dc (Direct Current) Voltage, we have as Output. gives.

Friends, SMPS is not of the same type, it also has different types.