Hacking Basics

🔰What is Hacking🔰

In the cyber security world, the person who is able to find the weakness of the system and exploit it for his reason(Good or bad) is referred to as a hacker and the process is called hacking.

Hacking is not just about hacking someones facebook account or hacking games, that’s still a part of hacking but it’s just a micron of the whole thing… So keep this I mind before we get hacking.

🔰Types of Hackers🔰

🌀 1. Script Kiddie🌀

are the hackers who copy other people’s work and use their software, not hacking themselves.

🌀 2. White hat hackers🌀

are hackers who hack into systems for good proposes and are hackers who work for companies to protect their websites or systems from hackers.

🌀 3. Black hat hackers🌀

are hackers who hack systems and websites for malicious reasons.

🌀 4. Grey hat hackers🌀

are hackers who neither hack for good or bad purposes, they stay neutral, but can become either at any time.

🌀 5. Hacktivists🌀

are hackers who use their hacking skills to protest,
Well know you know the types of hackers, now you choose your path.

🗃 What Is Identity Theft? 🗳

Identity theft is a two-step process. First, someone steals your personal information.

Second, the thief uses that information to impersonate you and commit fraud.

Of course, stealing your personal information isn’t the worst of the crime; it’s the second part of this process that does the most harm , using your information to commit credit card fraud, mortgage and utilities scams; and leave you with emptied bank accounts.